Twitter Management

Time to automate your Twitter

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social network with strong community around. You can literally connect with anyone with your strong Twitter profile. Let's automate authority building.
Step 1
Posting tweets in your profile
As we already have data about which kind of audience you're trying to build, we'll start generating and posting interesting tweets on your profile. Remember, the simple growth hack of Twitter scale is - posting regularly.
Step 2
Like, Follow, Retweet
Time to show some real activity with liking relevant tweets, following interesting profiles & retweet with some similar industry tweets. We want to train Twitter algorithm about who is our exact audience.
Step 3
Replying to tweets
We need attention from some strong profiles to build our identity in this Twitter world. Our bots will automatically reply to some of the interesting tweets to generate activity for your account.
Step 4
Visual content at rescue
Text is boring - so we also need to share some visual & viral stuff on your timeline to stay relevant. Leave it on us, we are here to dig best content for your profile.

Ready to build audience?

Building brand & authority is all about generating content & community around your business. Let GetBotz help you automate it for you.
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