Short Video Studio

Strong love for short videos

TikTok has revolutionised video industry with 30-second videos. A lot of brands are using short videos to build their audience. Let's go
Step 1
Finding keyword ideas
Designing short video starts with keywords. Our bots will start by identifying relevant keywords for your industry with equal distribution + ranking potential. Not to forget, our GetKeywords product is the gem in keyword research industry.
Step 2
Generating topic ideas
Once the keywords are identified by our bots, next task is to finding best topics on which we can create short videos. Let's scan the web to find out best opportunities with highest chances of quality content with help of OpenAI.
Step 3
Writing short video content
Now it's time to start writing. From first-page heading to main content to last slide - everything is taken care by our bots. Zero clicks required from yourside. You can literally setup and forget the system. We'll handle it for you.
Step 4
Time to design
We already have best templates available. Let's add some images and videos to attract the audience with some cool animations. Our goal is to focus on providing best user experience, while building our brand identity.
Step 5
And it's live
Everything is set - let's post the videos on TikTok, Reels or Youtube Shorts and wait the traffic. The whole system is completely automated. And we'll keep posting regularly same like this - with zero actions required from yourside. Real automation at scale.

How can you monetize the short videos?

Publishing short videos can help you get easy traffic on your content with complete automation. But, what's next?
Utilize Traffic
Route the viewers to your website by banners & relevant offers
Monetize with Ads
You can monetize the short videos with relevant ad network.
Affiliate Monetization
You can setup affiliate links in description or profile to generate some strong passive income.
Build Subscribers
You can send viewers to your newsletter page - so they can subscribe for your emails.
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