Scaling eCommerceusing Niche Blog Network

Let's help our Bunny ( 🐰 ) increase sales for his Rabbit Food Store using content automation with GetBotz.

In eCommerce, customer journey starts from Research Blogs - not your landing page ❤️


Targeting at Research Stage

Most of the time, your users don't know what to buy and from where. The blog articles they read online defines their next step.

Categorize Products

Our Bunny has thousands of products to sell, but let's categorize them in 3-5 categories for better clarity.
Rabbit Food
Rabbit Nutrition
Rabbit Feeding Accessories

Build Niche Blogs

Here are some blogs Bunny should start - to target customers in research stage for each category. Here Some things to take care of.
Target Keywords in the Domain
~2 Blogs per Category
Any TLD will be Perfect
Regional Languages can also be Explored

Let GetBotz Automate
 The Blog Network

While the idea seems interesting, most of the stores are not doing it. Because it's difficult to manage these many blogs. GetBotz can do it for you.

We'll Manage Everything For You

At GetBotz, we'll take care of all of your blogs with complete automation. So you can just set & forget.
Finding Keywords
We'll identify best keywords for your blog everyday to write articles
Content Ideas
GetBotz will decide what to write based on our ranking keywords + SEO strength
Writing Articles
We'll write & publish articles for you everyday with images and proofreading using AI.
Google Indexing
We'll also send these articles to Google for faster indexing - so you can enjoy the traffic.
SEO is changing with Generative AI. Let's talk about the future of SEO and what's next 🧑🏻‍💻
Let's talk about the future of SEO and what's next 🧑🏻‍💻