Building Community

Our bots can automate your forum

It's tough to build & maintain a community with forums. You need content to get traffic, and need traffic to generate content. Let's break the chain.
Step 1
Designing forum for your niche
It all starts with designing a forum at first. Our bots will create forum, design it with your brand identity, setup relevant categories and all other required plugins. Nothing to do for you.
Step 2
Let's add some users
Our bots will visit your forum and signup for further activity. You'll see hundreds of users signing up to build content for your audience. You can also choose specific country, if you need bots with specific identity.
Step 3
Generating relevant questions
Next it's time to add questions in your forum. Our bots, who have signed up will hunt for questions related to your industry, and add them in your forum. We've multiple algorithms to make the whole process look like real-human.
Step 4
Answer the questions
Now let some of our bots visit your community and answer questions randomly. Here also we've multiple filters working on backend to make sure you don't get any junk data or wrong answers. Let's make it useful for real users.
Step 5
Have some activities
So, what's missing? Adding likes, answering questions from real users and few other interesting stuff. our goal is to build forum, which looks like highly active community - and not some AI generated content system.

How can you monetize the community?

Having thousands of relevant question-answers in your community is great. You can rank for almost every keyword in your niche with useful data. But, what's next?
Utilize Traffic
Route your visitors to your website by banners & relevant offers
Monetize with Ads
You can monetize the forum with Adsense or any other ad network.
Affiliate Monetization
Setup affiliate banners in your forum to build some passive income.
Authority Building
Active community will provide huge SEO boost to your main website.
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