Blog Management

Let our bots be your blog authors

Maintaining blog with regular posts is time-consuming, boring & a bit costly process. What if our bots can take care of everything for your blog on complete automation?
Step 1
Finding keyword ideas
Writing blog starts with keywords. Our bots will start by identifying relevant keywords for your industry with equal distribution + ranking potential. We've our data sources in keyword research due to our other products.
Step 2
Generating topic ideas
Once the keywords are identified by our bots, next task is to finding best topics on which we can write. Let's scan the web to find out best opportunities with highest chances of quality content with help of OpenAI.
Step 3
Writing blog article
Now it's time to start writing. From headlines to content to conclusion - everything is taken care by our bots. Zero clicks required from yourside. You can literally setup and forget the blog. We'll handle it for you.
Step 4
Right visuals always
Text is boring - let's add some images, screenshots, tweet embeds, comparison tables and few other creative stuff to make the post visually appealing. We want to make  the content interesting for our readers.
Step 5
And it's live
Let's post it on WordPress. Remember, you never even opened our dashboard or wp-admin. It's all automated. And we'll keep posting regularly - with zero actions required from yourside. Real automation at scale.

How can you monetize with the blog?

Having huge number of quality articles can easily help you rank on multiple keywords with complete automation. But, what's next?
Utilize Traffic
Route the readers to your website with help of relevant navigation.
Monetize with Ads
You can monetize the blog with Adsense or any other ad network.
Affiliate Monetization
You can setup affiliate banners in your blog to generate some strong passive income.
Authority Building
Having active blog in subdomain will provide huge SEO boost to your main brand domain.
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