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Content + Consistency = Growth

So why not every founder doing it? 🤔
It's Tough  🤷🏻‍♂️
Publishing regularly content on your blog takes time and commitment. Not every early-stage team can commit their time everyday
Financial Priority 💰
It's difficult spending thousands of dollars on a content agency or blog management providers, when the results are not instant like ads.
Super Boring 😥
We all hate repetitive tasks. Waking up everyday and posting new articles everyday is boring. Humans aren't designed for repetitive tasks.

Just 3 Steps to Automate Your Blog

And we'll take care of your blog on complete automation with regular articles.
1. Explain Your Business
Provide basic details about your business to help us understand your content requirements.
2. Choose Your Audience
We've guessed 3 audience personas for you. Let us know which are the most accurate ones for you.
3. Connect Your Blog
And finally connect your blog with GetBotz. Now we'll take care of your blog for you 🎉

Let Our Botz Automate It 🤖

Finding Keywords 🔎
Let us find the best keywords for today's article with the help of your business details, SEO Data & Google SERP data.
Deciding Article Ideas 🤔
Oh, What should we write today about for this keyword? Let our botz decide based on previous articles & Google data.
Fetching Latest Data & Stats 📊
GPT is outdated. Time to find some latest stats & news around our article topic with help of
Writing the Article 📝
Time to write the article with human-like writing style & emotions. None wants to read boring robotic AI articles.
Optimizing For Readability & SEO 🤩
Let us optimize the article for best readibility & SEO with cover image, meta tags & alt tags.
Adding Internal Links 🔗
Our crawlers have always scanned your website, so let us find some of your interesting pages, articles or products - and link them in this new article.
Submit to Google for Indexing 📚
Let's submit the article to Google for Indexing with help of Google APIs. So, they can rank us faster.

We're Data Company

Being SEO data company ( ), we've trained our bots for complete blog automation using strong SEO data. So you can focus on your business.

4.6 Billion+

SEO Keyword Data to help us find best ideas according to your niche.

25 Million+

Google Search Pages crawled every month to understand SEO Patterns.

40 Million+

Web Pages scanned every month to generate context data for our algorithms

200 Million+

Domains SERP Data in our dataset for better competitor insights.

Writing for Humans

We use 30+ datapoints - from your audience search data to ranking keywords. It helps us write long, detailed and strongly readable articles with focus on your business growth.

Branding is Everything

Stock images are too boring, but professional designers are too costly. With GetBotz, you can choose from 8 different image styles with brand color for your article thumbnails.
AI Generated Images

What others are saying about us

Hundreds of blogs are managed by GetBotz everyday 🚀
  • Let's start with my own testimonial for our blog at GetKeywords. See how beautiful the whole blog is with image styling & relevancy. ❤️
    Saurabh Chauhan
  • is a fantastic platform! It works flawlessly, delivering impressive ROI. I highly recommend it with 5 stars. The results speak for themselves—truly a game-changer!
    Oliver Ehlers
    A Broader View
  • GetBotz has saved my time a lot, without it I cannot run my blog sites with so much content. Love it!
    Mikko Keränen
    Explorer's Equipment
  • J'ai mis Getbotz sur mon site d'agence web pour tester la performance sur le Blogging. Vraiment intéressant ! On sait qu'en SEO tout prend du temps.. Et j'ai déjà de très bon retour sur le nombre de mots-clés positionné grâce à ce superbe outil que je recommande vivement ! Je trouve aussi qu'il y a un bon rapport qualité / prix
    Lucas Fonseque
    FonSEO Agency

We speak your language 

GetBotz can write content in 25+ languages from around the world. So you can always feel proud for content written in your own language - for your people.

Let's Automate Your Blog

It's time to stop wasting hours between SEO & AI tools to publish content on your blog. Let GetBotz automate the whole process for you.